Donny Dog On Tour

Donny Dog On Tour

  • Donny Dog’s End of Season Review

    21 May 2015 Donny Dog’s End of Season ReviewAnother season of adventures over for me but I'm already looking forward to seeing you all again next season!

  • Donny Dog's Summer Adventures

    02 Sep 2014 Donny Dog's Summer AdventuresDonny Dog's Summer Adventures

  • Donny Dog on Tour

    14 Feb 2014 Donny Dog on TourWe are more than half way through the season now so I thought I better give you my latest updates (sorry it has taken me so long!).

  • Donny Dog On Tour

    10 Oct 2013 Donny Dog On Tour With the International break we have no home games now until 2nd November, so I am here to make you all smile with my recent adventures.

  • Donny Takes Part In Olympics

    27 Jun 2013 Donny Takes Part In OlympicsRovers very own Donny Dog took part in the Mascot Olympics, in Milton Keynes, on the weekend joining mascots from various other club's in the fun and games and also to raise money.

  • Donny Dog On Tour

    24 May 2013 Donny Dog On TourI have been a very proud dog since that day at Brentford, before I re-live that moment I will take you back a bit further.

  • Donny Dog On Tour

    20 Mar 2013 Donny Dog On TourSince my trip to the capital for England v Brazil, I have been on numerous adventures.

  • Donny Dog On Tour – Wembley

    08 Feb 2013 Donny Dog On Tour – Wembley It’s been an unbelievable week after making my International debut at the England v Brazil game at Wembley on Wednesday.

  • Donny Dog's International Debut

    06 Feb 2013 Donny Dog's International DebutRovers’ well-loved mascot Donny Dog will be making his international debut tonight as he transforms in to an England Lion for the international against Brazil.

  • Donny Dog On Tour

    09 Jan 2013 Donny Dog On TourI am here again to tell you all about my activities over the Christmas period.

  • Donny Dog On Tour

    10 Dec 2012 Donny Dog On TourDonny Dog has been very busy over the past few weeks appearing at various events within the community and the club will keep you posted on such activities on a regular basis.

  • Donny Dog Adventures

    29 Nov 2012 Donny Dog AdventuresDonny Dog has been doing lots of exciting things lately kids, the adventure started back at Bramall Lane In September.

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