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Our Ethos

Our football ethos

We aim for each academy graduate to be:

  • Technically excellent
  • Mentally strong
  • Confident
  • Excellent decision maker
  • Athletic and physically ready
  • Eager to learn
  • Easy to coach

A well rounded individual and a credit to themselves, their families, their coaches and the club.

Our people ethos

To develop independent, strong minded, balanced individuals, who can cope with the wider demands of the profession, are a credit to us as people... And who develop a deep and long understanding affinity to our football club.

  • We develop players and deliver a comprehensive football education.
  • They play with pride, passion, perseverance and professionalism.
  • We have excellence throughout our staff at every level.
  • we continually aspire to improve and grow.
  • All academy players have induvidual programmes to meet their development needs.
  • Players and parents have clear visibility of their targets at all age groups.
  • Every player is important and has potential-they all feel special and valued.