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Session structure

Foundation Phase (9s-12s)

Session Structure - focuses: Learning to train.  Learn the fundamentals, master the skills. Express creativity and become used to deliberate practice.  Enjoy every minute!

Session Structure - outcomes: Love playing football. Become technically sound. Improve physicial movements and one-v-one skills. Adapt, learn, develop a 'no fear' attitude.


Development Phase (13s-16s)

Session Structure - focuses: Learning to train. Transition to a bigger pitch size. Become competent in understanding and position. Improve understanding. Face problem solving scenarios. Learn movements and become aware of the space.

Session Structure - outcomes: Working in units. Transfer of skills to a bigger pitch and learn to appreciate and work within the additional space - including creating space on the pitch. Develop tactical understanding with time and opportunity to play. Decision making improves - particularly around passing.


Session Structure - focuses: Training to win. Positive understanding of the game. Individuals becoming a team. Team principals, roles and responsibilities come to the forefront of training. Personal development continues.

Session Structure - outcomes: Focus on technical excellence. Become technically proficient and tactically efficient. Learn to become mentally strong and confident - build resilience. Cope with success and failure on the pitch.

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