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Leading Appearance Makers

Leading Appearance Maker


COPPINGER, James                                        625

DOUGLAS, Colin Francis                                 468

EMERY, Frederick David (Fred)                      438

TINDILL, Herbert (Bert)                                   429

MAKEPEACE, Brian                                            378

PEACOCK, Dennis                                               373

BYCROFT, Sidney (Sid)                                      355

SNODIN, Glynn                                                 345

GRAHAM, William George Leonard (Len)    332

HARDWICK, Kenneth (Ken)                             331

*Accurate as of 11/06/2020





Leading League Appearance Makers

COPPINGER, James         582

EMERY, Frederick David (Fred)   417

DOUGLAS, Colin Francis 404

TINDILL, Herbert (Bert)  401

MAKEPEACE, Brian          353

BYCROFT, Sidney (Sid)    333

PEACOCK, Dennis             329

GRAHAM, William George Leonard (Len)               312

SNODIN, Glynn 309

*Accurate as of 11/06/2020

All stats compiled by Rovers supporter John Coyle. 2020.

Twitter: @JohnLeslieCoyl1