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Rovers Managers

Arthur Porter (Secretary-Manager) (May 1920-August 1921)

Harry Tufnell (August 1921- March 1922)

Arthur Porter (Secretary-Manager) (March 1922-May 1923)

Dick Ray (June 1923-June 1927)

David Menzies (June 1927-February 1936)

Fred Emery (February 1936-July 1940)

Bill Marsden (April 1944-February 1946)

Jackie Bestall (February 1946-May 1949)

Peter Doherty (Player-Manager) (May 1949-January 1958)

Sid Bycroft & Jack Hodgson (Joint Caretaker-Managers) (January 1958-June 1958)

Jack Crayston (June 1958-April 1959)

Jackie Bestall (April 1959-August 1960)

Norman Curtis (Player-Manager) (August 1960-July 1961)

Danny Malloy (Player-Manager) (August 1961-March 1962)

Frank Marshall (Caretaker-Manager) (March 1962-April 1962)

Oscar Hold (April 1962-May 1964)

Bill Leivers (Player-Manager) (June 1964-February 1966)

Jackie Bestall & Frank Marshall (Joint Caretaker-Managers) (February 1966-May 1966)

Tom Garnett & Jackie Bestall (Joint Caretaker-Managers) (May 1966-December 1966)

Keith Kettleborough (Player-Manager) (December 1966-May 1967)

George Raynor (June 1967-November 1968)

Jackie Bestall (Caretaker-Manager) (November 1968)

Lawrie McMenemy (November 1968-May 1971)

Maurice Setters (June 1971-November 1974)

John Quigley (Caretaker-Manager) (November 1974-February 1975)

Stan Anderson (February 1975-November 1978)

Cyril Knowles (Caretaker-Manager) (November 1978)

Billy Bremner (November 1978-October 1985)

Dave Cusack (October 1985-December 1987)

Dave Mackay (December 1987-March 1989)

Joe Kinnear (March 1989-June 1989)

Billy Bremner (June 1989-November 1991)

Steve Beaglehole (November 1991-December 1993)

Tony Cunningham (Caretaker-Manager) (December 1993-January 1994)

Ian Atkins (January 1994-June 1994)

Sammy Chung (July 1994-August 1996)

Kerry Dixon (Player-Manager) (August 1996-August 1997)

Colin Richardson (Caretaker-Manager) (August 1997-October 1997)

Dave Cowling (October 1997)

Danny Bergara (November 1997)

Mark Weaver & Danny Bergara (December 1997-May 1998)

Ian Snodin (Player-Manager) (August 1998-April 2000)

Dave Penney & Mark Atkins (Joint Caretaker-Managers) (April 2000-May 2000)

Steve Wignall (May 2000-January 2002)

Dave Penney (January 2002-September 2006)

Micky Walker (Caretaker-Manager) (September 2006)

Sean O’Driscoll (September 2006-September 2011)

Dean Saunders (September 2011-January 2013)

Brian Flynn (Caretaker-Manager) (January 2013-May 2013)

Paul Dickov (May 2013-September 2015)

Rob Jones (Caretaker-Manager) (September 2015-October 2015)

Darren Ferguson (October 2015-June 2018)

Grant McCann (July 2018 - June 2019)

Darren Moore (July 2019-February 2021)

Andy Butler (March 2021-May 2021)

Richie Wellens (March 2021 - December 2021)

Gary McSheffrey (December 2021 - present)

All stats compiled by Rovers supporter John Coyle. 2021.

Twitter: @JohnLeslieCoyl1