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Rovers Fan Experience Survey Results

13 July 2012

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Back in April, Doncaster Rovers launched a major survey based on Doncaster Rovers fan experiences. The feedback from the survey was fantastic with over 800 fans taking part in the process. This article highlights the headline results from that survey, showcasing the strengths of Doncaster Rovers and Keepmoat Stadium but also the opportunities for improvement.


Headline Results

As part of the survey fans were asked to rate aspects of supporting Doncaster Rovers on a scale between excellent and poor.


Opportunities for improvement were clearly identified as the refreshment provision within Keepmoat Stadium.


Fans main concerns were value for money of refreshments, the product quality and range on offer and the general speed and experience.


The second biggest concern amongst fans following refreshments was the atmosphere at Keepmoat Stadium.


Fans will be pleased to know that on the back of the survey, Doncaster Rovers have already made progressions on the main issues concerning fans.  At the recent forum for the future event, the catering company at Keepmoat Stadium put forward their concepts for food and drink at the ground for next year.


The concepts included new look food and drinks kiosks inside the ground whilst Rovers fans were also given opportunity to sample the food on offer for next season.  Fans feedback from the night is being used to make the final decision on food and drink that will be sold at Keepmoat Stadium next year.


In addition to this an event will also be held in the Lakeside Bar prior to the Sheffield Wednesday pre-season friendly to look at the other areas for opportunity such as improving the atmosphere inside the ground.


Furthermore fans taking part in the survey also identified clear areas of strength for Doncaster Rovers, with personal interaction scoring highly.


Rovers fans in particular praised the warmth and friendliness of the ticket office team and the ticket booking experience.  The stewards ability to provide balance between being friendly whilst providing a safe environment.


Behavioural Aspects


The survey also provided an insight into supporters behaviour, the following statistics were identified from the results.


-  Only 5% of fans purchase home match tickets online

-  76% of fans use their car and then walk to Keepmoat from further afield

-  9% of fans use public transport to get to Keepmoat Stadium

-  61% of respondents like to socialise with friends and family pre-match

-  20% of respondents are regular visitors to the Club shop

-  41% of respondents are likely to use an in-house seat retail service

-  32% of respondents  rarely or never purchase refreshments from the stadium kiosks

-  26% of respondents visit the Lakeside bar pre-match, but only 90% of this number visit before 2pm

-  75% of respondents approve the need to create an environment to appeal and attract families, however only 17% have experienced the family area.

-  62% believe that pre-match & half time entertainment is important / very important while 45% agree that this is the case for the concourse areas too.

-  96% of respondents believe it is important for the Club to work with fans to create a great atmosphere inside the Stadium.


The club are keen to move forward and take action following some of these results and the following actions have already been taken


1)  ‘Web Wednesdays’ a  ticketing initiative has been introduced to encourage online ticket purchases

2)  Detailed feedback from fans with specific public transport concerns have been requested through the VSC and supporters club, this will be presented to the local transport authority

3)  The Lakeside Bar is being painted and will be renamed the Belle Vue Bar

4)  Family tickets have been launched exclusively available in the family area. The Club are only 1 of 9 in the Football League to win the Family Excellence Award since its inception.

5)  At the fan engagement session prior to the Sheffield Wednesday fixture, fans will be asked for their feedback regarding the atmosphere and entertainment at Keepmoat Stadium.

6)    Match and season ticket prices were released after feedback from supporters.  Categorised games were removed to make pricing simpler for fans to understand

7)    At the home friendly and cup fixtures in July and August all stands at Keepmoat Stadium will be open, this decision has been made purely on the back of feedback from supporters after the Notts County cup fixture last season.

8)  Fans had the final say in the choice of the away shirt, with three designs available, fans voted for their favourite option.


What Rovers means to fans


As a final part of the survey Rovers fans were asked what Rovers means to you.  The response from this question was breathtaking with some fantastic answers.  What was clear from this question was the identity of Doncaster Rovers and that you see Doncaster Rovers as;


“An inspirational source of local pride and identity, built on a history of defying the odds, through togetherness, compassion, humour and imagination.”


Here are just some of the comments you provided;


It’s my home town club thro good and bad hope players show they care about playing for DONCASTER ROVERS.


Through watching Rovers my son and I have met a nice group of people so being part of the club has not only just been about football its been a social thing as well


It’s my home town club


My first love and rovers always comes first


A sense of belonging


My home time Club who i have grown up watching in the conference, and players who are proud to be playing for us.


Everything, I have supported Doncaster since I was kid.


I was brought up with it. I can't help it. It's in my blood.


Local pride simple


Doncaster Rovers are my life


It's in my blood, RTID!


A massive amount, I am a passionate Rovers fan and would happily sing all day long at the game. For me it’s the release, the passion and coming together with like minded soles


It represents the town as a whole, so if there is bad atmosphere or violence it looks bad on the town, so if there is a good atmosphere and no violence it makes the match more worthwhile and makes me feel proud to be a Rovers supporter.


The club means everything to me. I have followed them since I was 9 even though I live in Cornwall. Through the highs and the lows this club is in my heart. If there is an away game in my area I go every time. When I do come to the Keepmoat sometimes it is a bit dull in comparison to the away games. We need the DRFC away atmosphere at the keepmoat.


Doncaster Rovers want to thank all supporters for taking part in this survey and for continuing to provide feedback after the survey closed. 

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