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Keepmoat under Rovers: What to expect

3 September 2012

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For some time now Doncaster Rovers and Doncaster Council have been in negotiations regarding the management of Keepmoat Stadium moving from the Stadium Management Company to the Club.

On September 1st the stadium management transfers to Doncaster Rovers and Rovers fans and the Doncaster public can expect changes almost instantly throughout every part of the stadium, including the gym, soccer centre and last but not least catering function.

During the past few months Doncaster Rovers have been working hard with Spotless to show fans the new catering provision that will take place at Keepmoat Stadium.  At recent fans forum events both organisations showcased the new range of food and drink that will be available in the ground and the infrastructure changes to Kiosks that will take place.

Some of the proposed changes have already been implemented at the stadium, such as the new range of pies on offer on match days (as voted for and chosen by fans), some however will take longer to implement.  Here is a short timetable on what you can expect during the next three months.

• No sooner than the ink is dry on the contract between Doncaster Rovers and Doncaster Council, Spotless will be signing up to provide the food and drink provision at Keepmoat Stadium for the next 10 years.  Unlike previous deals at the stadium, this contract provides money direct to Doncaster Rovers, whilst the Club also directly benefit from expenditure on food and drink inside the ground.
• During September Spotless will also be signing off expenditure on kiosk signage, with new look signage being fixed in October.  
• Special incentives for Rovers fans booking events at Keepmoat Stadium will also be on offer, with signed footballs and family tickets available for selected bookings.

• Catering kiosks throughout the ground will be issued with the new signage, meanwhile Spotless will also be starting a six month period of work on the physical appearance and layout of the concourse kiosks.  This work will revolutionise the concourses of Keepmoat Stadium, with concepts that will be available for fans including freshly brewed coffee through Bean and Co, hot and cold savoury food from Eats and Planet Hotdog, grab and go sandwich options from Bites and new fast pour outlets, Drinks.   
• A special bespoke Doncaster Rovers bitter will also be released this month, exclusively available in the Belle Vue Bar initially.

• As winter kicks in our catering company will be looking to bring some warmth the way of Rovers fans.  Winter warmers such as homemade soup will be on offer at selected games whilst the Club and Spotless will also be putting together a loyalty package on hot drinks over the winter for our season ticket holders.

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