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Paul Wilson

4 July 2013

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Rovers youth players get back into action at Cantley Park

Paul, you have had your first week with the young lads. What’s it been like?


It’s been good but for the new lads who have joined the club full time, its been a massive culture shock. They have never done anything as intensive as this as they left school and went into full time training. So, some of them have suffered a bit.


How have they settled especially with the first team?


They have settled well especially the lads who have come through the younger age groups in the academy. They have got used to the location and being around people here as they get used to the training and the training ground regime. They have all adapted to life here with the senior pros and coaches as they start their first full time year at the club.


Are there plenty of stresses and strains after the first week?


Lots of strains and tightness in the muscles as they get used to the intensive training. They had been given a plan to keep them in some sort of shape before they came to training which should help them cope with the new lifestyle they have entered. It is to be expected that they would suffer from strains and tiredness but that will ease as they get more used to the training programme and games.


Have you got a full squad now?


This week we have as some of the lads had exams and holidays booked so came back in stages over the past week. It was good last Monday to have a full squad in training so we could start building the squad’s readiness for football.


Have you got any friendlies booked?


We start with a match at Brodsworth this Friday (5th July) then have a mini tournament at Hull next week, followed by our annual trip to the Gothia Cup in Sweden. We finish the pre season with a game at Thorne when we get back from Sweden.


After two good seasons, will it be hard to follow?


The lads have done well the past two years with last season exceeding the season before, so we know we have to work hard to keep up the same standard.  This year’s team have been told what we expect of them and I believe that we can keep the forward growth we have made.


The new lads will need the support of the lads already here?


Yes, we expect the second year lads to bring on and support the first years as they start their full time career. They had good teachers last years so we expect them to teach the new lads the ropes and how to grow with the club. Last season the lads who have moved up to first year pros at the club were invaluable in bring through with them the lads who had just joined and will be good role models.

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