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Club Praised For Stadium Experience

18 June 2013

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Doncaster Rovers Football Club has yet again received high praise for the hospitality that visitors to Keepmoat Stadium are receiving.

The club strives to ensure that every single visitor to the stadium enjoys the experience, and wishes to return.


In recognition of this commitment Rovers have received letters of gratitude from supporters for their recent experiences at the stadium.


Mr Gaines continued to describe his, and his son’s, experience at the latest event they attended, the FA Women’s Cup Final, and how he feels the club has improved in this field over the past few years: “In my twenty-five years involvement with junior football in Doncaster, I must say Doncaster Rovers Football Club really have done the town proud, especially when it comes to grass roots football and getting local junior football teams involved.

In his letter to the club, Mr Gaines of Edlington , outlined the fantastic hospitality he had received in the many events that he has attended.


“I just hope this can continue, as it has been something which has been sorely missed.


“Since returning home all my son has spoken about is how he got to score a goal at the Keepmoat, and that he was able to hold the League One trophy.


“Many congratulations on a very successful event. I’m sure it’s one that will be a talking point within their schools and communities for all who attended, encouraging even more youngsters to take up the game.”


“I wanted to reach out and thank one of your staff for the amazing experience she gave, not only to myself, but also my dad and my daughter recently.

Below is the letter which was sent by Lee to Rovers Chief Executive Gavin Baldwin:

Rovers receive many letters of this nature praising the supporter experience on offer. However, one letter, which was received from season ticket holder Lee Buckle, highlighted the passion and commitment of one member of staff in the ticket office.

Doncaster Rovers talks a lot about being a family-friendly club, and wanting to be closer to the fans. With initiatives like In Rovers We Trust we are making great strides towards that, but all the marketing and hype won’t help you if your staff aren’t behind you as well.


I wanted to thank Alex (ticket office) for her recent endeavours to get me to re-buy my season ticket! I had been mulling over the purchase for some time, debating whether I would survive my wedding day if I spent the £439 needed. I frequent twitter quite a lot, it’s my job, along with Facebook.


but I mentioned that I wasn’t sure that I could afford the cost this time around as we were getting married next year.  I had been familiar with Alex for some time. We chat about Rovers, the players and what not, and she recently contacted me on Twitter to remind me that my seat was about to go up for general sale. I had actually forgotten


Alex went above and beyond in her own time to talk me through all the available prices and payment options, even mentioning that if I wanted to spread the cost of the ticket I could still take up the spread payment option, but would need to pay it off sooner in time for the season start, something which I did not know I could do!!


Without her help I would probably not have renewed my season ticket yesterday, and I am very pleased that I did. She even came out of the office to give my daughter, who is 2 years old, a chocolate biscuit while she waited. It may not seem much, but how many other clubs have staff who care passionately about their fans like she does? Not many I would wager!


Staff like Alex personify to me the whole ethos behind customer service, and she is a real credit to the club. I manage several staff members myself, so I understand the importance of having the right people in the right positions, and you certainly do have a real gem there in Alex. Please pass on my sincere thanks for the help, information and the biscuit!


I did sincerely appreciate the experience, and because of her you have another season ticket purchase for next season.


People are quick to complain, but I wanted to take time out of my day to thank Alex and the club.”





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