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Old Belles Squad Reunite

20 June 2013

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A few of the old Belles squad stopped by at the stadium for a reunion and a quick game of footy.

The old squad arrived at the Keepmoat Stadium in good spirit and looking forward to putting on their boots one more time.

One of the ex-Belles players, Lynda Hill who started playing football from the age of 15, said "It's been really good fun. Really lovely to meet everybody that we haven't seen for a long time. Some of these girls I haven't seen since I finished playing football, so it's just been a great day from start to finish. And when we all met up earlier, we didn't know who was going to be here, It was amazing and really good fun.

"It's brought a lot of memories flooding back. It reminded us that we used to be able to play really well, and your brain's telling you that you can still do it but your body doesn't agree." 

Leslie Cairns also shared Lynda's thoughts, saying "I've really enjoyed today, it must be about 25 years since i've played. It's brought back a lot of good memories and i've met a lot of people I haven't seen for a long time."

She went on to talk about the FA's decision to 'relegate' Doncaster from next season "It's a failing of the modern world. It should be based on how many games you win and not how much money you've got. When I started playing we all financed the game ourselves by paying for our own kits and travel expenses. Now it's all down to money, and it just spoils the game."

Janet Milner also spoke about the decision "I think it's sad. I think it's an indictment of the mens game. I think it's how we are as a society and I think it's shocking and that football has lost a name.

"Doncaster Belles deserve their place, if they were to be relegated based on results, then thats fair, but if it's a money matter then we're loosing the integrity of the game and that's not good."

If you are able and willing to, please make a donation to the Belles Fighting Fund via Lloyds TSB, Sort: 309268, Account: 00556100.

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