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Fixture List Explained

17 June 2014

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We got the inside line on just what goes in to a key date in the Football League calendar.

Having once spent time sat on the panel which works on organising the thousands of football league fixtures in a season, Doncaster Rovers Club Secretary Phil Hough is well placed to comment on tomorrow’s fixture release.

While fans will be eagerly waiting by TV screens, PC’s and mobile phones, the complex process began in earnest some time ago ready for the 9am announcement on Wednesday.

“Everything that appears tomorrow will say 'draft' on it and that is for a very good reason because there could be changes that clubs or their local police or safety advisory group might request although the vast majority of requests will have already been taken into account and that’s before you even start to look at TV scheduling,” Hough said.

“If for example, we have a game moved from Saturday to Sunday for television and have a midweek game during the following midweek we would have to move that back a day from the Tuesday to the Wednesday. 

“Having being sat on the fixtures working party, it’s not an easy task for the guy scheduling the fixtures.”

Clubs are in a position to request certain away dates and each club is “paired” with a number of other club(s) from a police perspective to ensure that they are not both at home on the same day e.g. Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United.

“We’ve already put our requests in for certain dates in the season where we don’t want to be at home and nine times out of ten they will try and accommodate you but there are occasions when they cant because of a knock on effect involving other clubs," he said.

“We will be given a draft list of fixtures but basically to all intents and purposes this is a final list although clubs are given seven days to submit any alterations which we would like to make. 

The logistical operation will commence once Hough is handed the draft and there are many boxes to be ticked by a variety of bodies who he will liaise with.

Fixtures for the League 1 2014/15 season will be available on from 9am tomorrow, while we will be able to bring you live reaction and updates on @drfc_official in the morning.

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