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Rovers Receive Praise

10 August 2015

Club contacted regarding Saturday's show of sportsmanship.

Doncaster Rovers would like to thank football supporters from around the world who have decided to e-mail the club regarding the sporting gesture made in Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Bury FC.

First team manager Paul Dickov said he had no hesitation in allowing the Shakers to equalise following Harry Forrester’s overhit backpass from a drop ball restart.

Here is just some of the correspondence we have received:

Phil Kelly - I was there on Saturday, and want to thank you all for the honesty ( immediate hands up) of Harry Forrester and his subsequent written apology, for the moral consideration and decision of Paul Dickov, and for what I saw as the true application of the fair play ethic by your staff and players. It says everything to me about the character and beliefs of your Club, which I hope others will learn from.
I am 63, and in the past have played and managed for many years (at no great level), and I've followed Bury for over 20 years. I am pleased to see the age of sportsmanship still exists in some areas, and your reactions on Saturday exemplify that, the true spirit of the game.
You are a credit to the game, and I sincerely wish you well for this season and the future.

Buryfan47 - I am a Bury fan who was at the game today. I would like to pass on my thanks to the club for several things:-
1) For the very helpful Stewards and staff and supporters.
2) For the touching tribute on the big screen to Neville Neville.
3) Most importantly my thanks and respect goes to Paul Dickov for his reaction to the "bizarre" goal scored by Forrester. This was an act of total sportsmanship which is sadly lacking in the game at times. He is an example to all managers, especially those in the Premier League, who do not always display the same honesty and integrity. This is an example of what football is all about - play to win but fairly with the utmost respect for your opponents. Well done Paul Dickov - you have my ultimate respect.
You have a wonderful stadium by the way.

Ulster Shaker - Glad to see real sportsmanship today. What a really true sporting gesture in a professional era. Pass on message to team and manager.
Well done.

D.P. McIntire - As an American who rarely if ever has the opportunity to learn more about League One action as it happens, I wanted to take a brief moment to offer kudos to the Doncaster Rovers for the sportsmanship displayed against Bury in Saturday’s match.  In America we tend to take competition far too seriously, and had a similar incident occurred here the outcome would likely have been very different.  I was heartened to see how it was handled by the club, and while my foreign football loyalties have historically went to Stoke City and QPR, in me today your club has made a new American fan.

Paul Hook - Your club is a credit to the football league your have to praise you managers actions yesterday what an absolute fantastic sporting gesture everybody involved should have a pat on the back in this day of cheating and feigning injury your club can stand alone and hold your heads up high it should be shouted from the rooftops.

You can see highlights from the game below:

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