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Keepmoat Stadium holds major safety exercise for Emergency Services

2 December 2015

Fire service training has today taken place at the Keepmoat to test response to major incidents in South Yorkshire.

Emergency services from across the region have been taking part in test procedures for dealing with multiple ‘major incidents’ and today the main activity took place at the Keepmoat Stadium.

The aim of the day was to simulate the decontamination of people who have been covered in poisonous chemicals as part of a suspected terrorist attack.

Students and actors were brought in to take part in the fabricated exercise where an ‘incident’ was created to test the emergency services response team. The incident involved the Fire Service Control team receiving a 999 call stating multiple persons showing signs of being overcome by chemicals at a football match, with approximately 40 casualties.

SYFR Group Manager Andy Hayter said: “The decontamination exercise is a worst case scenario test. Although it is extremely unlikely that an incident like this will happen in South Yorkshire, recent international events have once again highlighted the importance of organisations testing their emergency response procedures to guarantee the safety of the communities we serve.

"Routine exercises like this one enables the emergency services to practice their response and to test their ability to resolve large scale incidents beyond their usual borders. Large parts of the Keepmoat Stadium were sectioned off from the public  to allow today’s training to take place.

“We wanted somewhere that would be realistic and the Keepmoat Stadium provides just that, said Andy.

“Football matches and stadiums are a big risk for scenarios like this, especially when full. We want to provide the public with reassurance that we are able to deal with this situation and assure them that they are safe, should this ever happen.”

Chief Executive of Club Doncaster Gavin Baldwin fully supported the training day and stated why it is important Club Doncaster gave their support to the fire services.

“Club Doncaster is all about supporting the community and by allowing  today’s training to take place at the stadium we are contributing to saving lives should an event like this occur.
“By allowing the emergency services to train and do these tests, we have given them a real life training venue and as a club are now fully prepared for an incident like this happening at the stadium, unlikely as it may be.”

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