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Open letter to the Rovers family...

13 October 2015

From the parents of Club Doncaster student and Rovers supporter, Matthew Bentley.

Some of you will know our son Matthew suffered a cardiac arrest during the final minutes of the Barnsley game.

He owes so much to so many people not all of whom we could thank personally;
To his friend Liam who caught him as he collapsed.

To the ex- policeman Michael Ball who was the first person with medical training to get to him and made sure he had a pulse.

To the supporter who sits behind him at every game and loudly comments on the team’s performance good or bad much to Matthews’s amusement, but who’s booming voice calling for “medics” could be heard above all others.

To the club Medic and paramedics who had to shock Matthews heart twice in three minutes.

To the police for providing an escort to the hospital.

To all the staff in A&E, Intensive care and on the cardiac ward at the DRI.

To all the staff at Club Doncaster and his fellow students for the cards and continued support.

To the players who sent a card and a signed top to replace the one cut off him by the paramedics and who later visited him in hospital.

To Rob Jones who took time out of his busy day to phone and later visit Matthew.

To Liam Scully and all the backroom staff at Rovers for their continued support.

To the club Chaplain Barry Miller for his daily texts asking after Matthew.

To Donna from the supporters club who provided vital information about the timing of events on the day.

To the 500+ fans from all over the country who contacted Rovers for an update on Matthews condition.

And to anyone else we have forgotten to mention.

A HUGE “Thank You”, you have all in some way contributed to the fact he is still alive and making such a good recovery.

Paul & Tracey Bentley

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