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Rovers Player HD Live Commentary update

6 February 2016

Advice for subscribers to RP.

Doncaster Rovers have been made aware by the FLi team that there were issues across the PlayerHD network on Tuesday evening, resulting in outages for many subscribers. Users already tuned in prior to kick-off, or listening via the app were not affected, but others were unable to access audio.

Understandably this resulted in a frustrating night for clubs across the FLi platform. Stream and the FLi have worked hard to investigate and to resolve the issue over the past few days. They have provided the following statement.

“StreamAMG have spent every moment since the issue arose investigating forensic logging and deep systems investigations to find the root cause of the issue. It would appear that Tuesday night’s problem was caused by a slight vulnerability in the system being exposed as thousands of requests were unexpectedly made to the platform simultaneously.

“This is an area we have never had an issue with before, hence completing our investigation was a lengthy task. We have now applied caching and memory based buffers to negate the impact of anything similar happening in future. We have seen a 50 x improvement in performance in the vulnerable areas and the investigation has also allowed us to tighten up other parts of the platform, meaning better performance all around. We are confident that this fix will prevent unexpected loads having an impact on the platform in future.”

Advice for subscribers to Rovers Player

Should supporters have difficulties listening to our live commentary during the game, please do not contact the club, contact who have a dedicated team on a matchday to ensure the service is running correctly.

The Rovers Player service - which will be broadcasting live and exclusive coverage of Doncaster Rovers v Port Vale from 7:30pm today - was overhauled in the summer and switched to a new provider Stream AMG who took over from Perform.

We have thus far been very pleased with the changes and running operation of the service, however on Saturday some difficulties listening to our live broadcast were brought to our attention.

We are also urging all Rovers Player subscribers to make sure the following is correct:

Windows Requirements

Pentium 4 2.4GHz or higher or equivalent AMD processor with a minimum of 1GB of memory, running one of the following operating systems: Windows 7 or later, (high specification computers running Windows XP SP2 or greater and or Windows Vista might work.)

MAC Requirements

1.5GHz with a minimum of 1GB memory running Mac OS X 10.5.6 or later.


We recommend upgrading to the latest version for optimum viewing experiences.  Your browser should be at least as recent as any of the following:

-64-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or later:

-Firefox 33.0.1 or later:

-Chrome 35 or later:

-Adobe Flash Player 15.0 or later:

Live Commentary

Please be aware that whilst the play button may be active, we may not dial in until 15 minutes before the game kicks off.

If you are using Google Chrome please allow it to run all plug-in content in your browser's settings. You can do this by copying and pasting the following link into your browser's search bar: chrome://settings/content, pressing enter and then scrolling down and selecting Run all plug-in content.


The stream regularly stops and buffers mid-stream?

Is your connection fast enough? Try to stop all current downloads, videos you are watching or torrents and visit Test your download speed, results should show a minimum of 250kbps to process streamed content along with usual browsing activities efficiently.

I’m receiving a “media not found” message

The live commentary player will only be live during a match. If Doncaster Rovers are playing and you are receiving this message, please alert

I can’t access the stream on my device?

First of all make sure you are connected to a fast enough mobile network (3g, 4g, Wi-Fi). If you believe you have adequate bandwidth, utilise Safari as the browser of choice on IOS and google chrome on Android devices.

For optimal experience on android utilise a 3rd party programme such as VLC player to play the stream. If you are still having issues please raise with

The commentary I’m hearing is not my team.
Please check you are accessing the correct feed if so please alert

For more information and support please visit:

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