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Supporters board meeting

19 November 2016

Saturday marks the third Supporters Board meeting of the season, with the group coming together prior to the game.

Made up of a broad range of fans and senior club staff, the Supporters Board was formed last season as a way of encouraging dialogue between fans and people who make decisions at the club.

It is intended as a way for structured dialogue between fans and senior management with the aim of ensuring the matchday experience is the best it can be.

The supporter representatives on the group are John Blanchon, Derek Daniels, James Errington, Paul Mayfield,  Martin O’Hara, Patrick Queen, Alan Roberts, Gill Shepherd, Mellony Shepherd, Len South and Ben Thompson.

Club Doncaster are represented by CEO Gavin Baldwin, COO Liam Scully, football secretary Mary Lally and media manager Luke Thornhill. Shaun Lockwood, who previously led the club’s fan engagement efforts, is acting  as an independent consultant.

The Supporters Board is keen to pick up previous work carried out under the in Rovers We Trust banner, and will guide the club’s approach to fan engagement.

Gavin said: “We launched the Supporters Board to build on what we believe is already some of the best practice in football  – we haven’t been shouting from the rooftops about fan engagement, but it has never gone away.

“The Supporters Board gives us a way to take the temperature of fans quickly and fairly, we are able to discuss our proposals with them and then tailor our vision so it is in line with what they want. We have been able to talk about matters as simple as car parking and stadium signage, to the EFL’s proposed changes to the league structure and possible future developments. The feedback really does steer our thinking inbetween meetings.”

Patrick said: “The Supporters Board provides an opportunity for supporters to gain an insight into the way the club is run. I know from these meetings that the people who run the club are looking supporters in the eye and being as open and honest as they can be.

“I’m proud to be a Rovers supporter and proud that the club listens to me and tries to do everything it can to make the experience of fans as good as it can be.”

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