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Partner Profile: John Mee Vac-ex

3 May 2020

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The founding company John Mee Construction Ltd was incorporated by John F. Mee in 1993 to carry out Civil Engineering works such as Deep Drainage, Tunnelling, Paving, Roads, and Hard Landscaping.

Vacuum Excavation, or Vac-Ex is generally used as a term to describe the safe exposure of live utilities beneath the ground that could be damaged by more traditional means such as mini diggers or shovels. The process has been carried out for decades all over the world but with limited use due to the harshness of the process on machinery.

It has only been in the last 20 years that bespoke machinery has been tailor-made to carry out such a process.‘Vacuum Excavation’ is also abbreviated and known within the industry and around the world as Vac-Ex,  Suc-Ex, Vacuum-Ex, Ex-Vac, Hydro-Vac  and Aqua Vac  (both utilising HP water jetting), but in essence they all describe the same principles of safe excavation.


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