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Red squad

Join the Red Squad today!

Be part of Rovers and become a member of our Red squad. Red Squad is an exclusive members only club for fans aged 12- 16 years. It is completely free to register and offers you discounts on various Doncaster Rovers events, plus we let you get your hands on Rovers merchandise. As part of the Red Squad we will offer you:

  • A Doncaster Rovers gift as a thank you for registering.
  •  The opportunity to play against the first team, at a Doncaster Rovers open day.
  •  A 10% discount on pitch bookings at the Club Doncaster Academy.
  •  A signed birthday card and team poster
  •  A monthly e-newsletter informing you of what’s happening at Doncaster Rovers and upcoming Red Squad events
  • Entry to the Christmas and Easter party
  •  £5 off our ‘Escort a player’ package
  •  The chance to become part of the Ball Squad,

Be sure to join the Red Squad today to get all of this and more. To register as a Red Squad member simply complete the online form below.  

(You can also sign up to our junior membership scheme, where you can save £3 on your match tickets >>>>>> Download your form HERE)

Red Squad request form

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      I would like to be considered to be part of the ball squad